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Acquisition of a Technical Patent for Developing Online Multiplayer Games and Metaverses – Realizing the Creation of Virtual Worlds Through the Provision of the Fastest Server Solution in Japan, STRIX –

SOFT GEAR CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as SOFT GEAR, Head Office: Shinjuku, CEO: Kengo Aoki), which develops networking libraries and conducts business in server development for online multiplayer games, has developed a high-speed server solution called STRIX and is pleased to announce that they have obtained a patent for their synchronous processing technology, which is one of the core technologies necessary for realizing large-scale virtual worlds.

Server Solution STRIX

STRIX is a server solution provided for the use of developing online multiplayer games and metaverses. To this day, it is a server solution that has been granted multiple technology patents relate to high-speed communications in both Japan and overseas.

In this latest patent, advanced technology that realizes synchronous processing through the use of an algorithm has been recognized. With the incorporation of this patented technology into STRIX, smoother synchronization processing will be realized and will greatly improve the development efficiency of online multiplayer action games and virtual world services where many people are connected at the same time.

Supporting the Development of Virtual World Services with the Only Patented Online Multiplayer Game Engine in Japan

As mentioned above, STRIX incorporates multiple patents, including international patents, in addition to the synchronous processing patent. As a solution made up of the best of SOFT GEAR’s unique patented technologies, STRIX achieves higher performance than that which is achieved with conventional domestic libraries. In addition to this patent, SOFT GEAR plans to acquire 20 technology patents in 2023, further improve the performance of STRIX, create new functionality focused on user experience, and provide solutions that allow anyone to freely create virtual worlds.

During 2023, SOFT GEAR plans to propose and announce an approach to a new type of Metaverse as a solution to the Metaverse that has been attracting attention in recent years. This is also the first step towards creating software that will have a positive impact on Japan’s GDP, which has been one of SOFT GEAR’s philosophies since its establishment in 2008 and it will be a means to make Metaverses more enjoyable and meaningful for everyone. SOFT GEAR will continue to provide and pursue a place of productivity.

Online game, metaverse and server development
Online game, metaverse and server development
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