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A library for easily adding a chat messenger to your game or app

Ready-to-use basic functionality
Comes fully loaded with standard text chat functionality. If you use it together with the client SDKs, it can complete implementation in no time.
Perfect for all sorts of situations
With its high flexibility, Strix Messenger can be set up to fulfill your all your needs. It can also be used for large-scale or small-scale applications!

Use Case

Strix Messenger Use Cases

Add a text-based messenger to all sorts of applications including games.

  • Communication tool
    Communication tools
  • Online game
    Online games
  • Virtual world
    Virtual worlds
  • Live streaming
    Live streaming


A High-Performance Chat Server Solution
Advanced server clustering technology that is both stable and scalable!
Stable operation even with large-scale environments

A high-performance chat server solution that operates stably even in large-scale environments such as Metaverses and MMOs while keeping the general text chat functions under control.


You can easily connect and set up your chat for a small-scale configuration with one server to a large-scale configuration with hundreds of servers. Scaling is also flexible, so scaling out from a small-scale configuration according to your operation's situation is possible.

High availability

Share and manage data across multiple servers. Even if some servers go down, the chat system itself will continue without any problems.

Strix Messenger chat server solution
Various Features to Easily Get You Chatting
Here are some of the basic chat functions that can be used immediately without customization
Direct chat

Messages can be sent directly between users.

Strix Messenger feature: Direct chat

Topics are similar to a general channel, but they allow you to use flexible settings that are not tied to a game's system. These settings allow things such as having a conversation inside a building where players who are outside will not be able to see the conversation as well as allowing conversations to be seen by all players even if the game's map is divided into separate areas.

Strix Messenger feature: Topics

All chat logs are saved. Not only will users be able to check past messages send to a chat they're participating in, but having these logs is also an essential for performing operations such as investigating harassment.

Strix Messenger feature: Logs
Elements that can be added via customization

You can customize your chat do special processing when specific strings or metadata are received. All sorts of features can be realized by implementing your chat with the client.

Use the sticker feature to send images or sounds
Strix Messenger custom feature: use stickers to send images and sounds
Register prohibited words and filter and replace words with asterisks
Strix Messenger custom feature: create prohibited words and filter them out using asterisks
Execute in game commands in place of sending messages
Strix Messenger custom feature: send commands in place of messages
Easy and Flexible Chat Server Solution
Can be used in various situations regardless of scale or environment!
Basic and extra features

You will be able to use the basic features of the text chat immediately without any customization. By customizing on the client side, various features other than sending messages can be added.

Can be used with an existing system

Can be used with other server solutions as well as STRIX. Easy implementation.

Easily connects with the Strix SDKs

Provides all necessary client functions via plugins. You'll be able to use the chat features by creating a simple script.

Supports: Unity and Unreal Engine
Can be used on its own

It is also possible to create a chat app using Strix Messenger on its own.


Price (license fee)

2 million yen

(excluding sales tax)

◎Support Service

Development support We provide consultation for applications being developed using the STRIX library.
We will perform benchmark s and tuning as well.
Prices start from 1 million yen per consultation. Please contact us for details.

For support inquiries, you can contact us here.

・The license fee will be paid as an initial cost when the license is signed.

・License fees must be paid for each game title.

Start Up

  • Please contact us through
    our Contact Us page.

  • A Strix Messenger staff member will contact you.

  • You'll sign the license agreement.

  • We'll provide the library.

Strix Messenger is being fully supported by dedicated staff.