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Riku's Development Blog

Riku’s Sample Project in Unity | Practical Guide Ep. 1

Hey, Riku here!
I have begun making my practical guide to making 3D online multiplayer games in Unity.


  • The Process of Developing a 3D Online Multiplayer Game in Unity
  • Download My Unity Project
  • Riku’s Question Corner: “What is synchronous processing?”
  • |The Process of Developing a 3D Online Multiplayer Game in Unity

    First things first, I’m going to go over all the videos I made, which I’ve broken down into 3 parts, about how I developed my 3D online multiplayer game in Unity.

    By going through steps 1 through 6, we will turn a single player game into an online multiplayer game using Strix Cloud.

    Practical Guide #1 Setting Up the Development Environment and Server
    ・Step 1 – Setting Up the Development Environment
    ・Step 2 – Setting Up the Server

    Practical Guide #2 Synchronizing the Character and Emotes​
    ・Step 3 – Character Synchronization
      3-1 – Attaching Components
      3-2 – Updating the Script
    ・Step 4 – Emote Synchronization
      4-1 – Create Functions for the Emotes
      4-2 – Checking the Emotes

    Practical Guide #3 Synchronizing the Arrow Effects and Developing the Chat System
    ・Step 5 – Synchronizing Effects
      5-1 – Creating a Script for Synchronizing the Bow and Arrow
      5-2 – Making a Script for Synchronizing Effects
      5-3 – Checking that Everything Works
    ・Step 6 – Developing the Chat System
      6-1 – Sending Messages in Chat and Making Them Appear in the Log
      6-2 – Making Speech Bubbles Appear

    |Download My Unity Project

    I made a project that is available for download so that you can follow along with me in the videos on your own PC.

    Riku’s Sample Project

    (*In the case that you cannot click the Connection button in my sample project, please click here)

    This sample makes use of Unity-Chan and the primitive objects available in the Unity editor. These primitive objects allow you to be able to shoot projectiles.
    *Primitives are basics models that can be created in the Unity editor itself, and are often used for prototyping.

    Use this project to create an online multiplayer game together with me using my tutorial videos.

    |Riku’s Question Corner: “What is synchronous processing?”

    “Hey, Apollo, in order to make an online multiplayer game, we need to know what synchronous processing is, right? Before watching the videos I made, let’s check out what synchronous processing is again!”

    “That’s right! Let’s review the concepts of synchronous processing. Online multiplayer games are games in which you play competitively or cooperatively with other players over a network. During this time, the state of the game must stay consistent between all players. This process is known as synchronous processing. Strix comes with various synchronization functions making it easy for anyone to create an online multiplayer game.”

    Visual of synchronous processing in STRIX

    You can hear a thorough explanation about synchronous processing at the 1:37 mark of the Let’s Create an Online Game! Ep. 1 | What is Synchronous Processing?.

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    Online game, metaverse and server development
    Online game, metaverse and server development
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